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TVA Energyright Solution

June 5, 2017



All QCN members are licensed by their local governmental authority to ensure they know exactly how to install and service your new electric heat pump.  So, it’s no surprise that QCN members guarantee their service as well as their equipment. Members of the QCN also comply with all state and local codes and regulations. When selecting your new electric heat pump, a QCN member can recommend the proper size unit for your home and ensure that its a high-efficiency heat pump.  While installing or servicing your heat pump, QCN members provide prompt, courteous service, while attempting to work with your schedule.

Thats why your local public power company and TVA have developed the Quality Contractor Network (QCN) and the energy right heat pump program. QCN members have the skill and the knowledge to install the right system for your home, service your equipment down the road, and even coordinate financing through your local public power company. QCN members not only stand behind the systems they install, they also stand behind the installation process.

Once your new electric heat pump is installed, a QCN contractor can also show you how to care for the system, including everything from how to change the filter to operating the thermostat. He or she will also advise you on how to recognize symptoms of a pending problem with the equipment.

QCN members can also help coordinate a low-interest loan through your local power company. Best of all, you’ll know in a matter of hours if you qualify.


When consulting a heating and air conditioning contractor, there are a few important steps you should take. Always ask the contractor if he or she is a member of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Quality Contractor Network. Ask the QCN contractor for references, and be sure to use these references to find out if other customers were satisfied.

Expect an evaluation so your contractor can make the best recommendations. The contractor should check your existing duct system and insulation levels to determine if a heat pump is right for you. Get written estimates with details on work to be performed as well as the efficiency of the equipment to be installed.

If you would like a list of Quality Contractor Network members in your area, call your local public power company. It’s instrumental in making sure the job is done right.