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Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Be Making

June 12, 2019

Like any machine, it’s not uncommon for your air conditioner to make some noise when it runs. However, your air conditioner shouldn’t be making strange noises that fill your entire house and cause concern. These are some of the most common sounds your AC shouldn’t be making.


If it sounds like something is rattling or clanking around in your AC, you likely have a loose part. While the sound may not bother you necessarily, if you ignore it, that loose part may completely dislodge itself and cause bigger problems in your system — which will also add a brand new sound to your central AC “soundtrack.”


Remember that new sound we just mentioned? Well, if that loose part dislodges itself, it’ll just fly around the inside of your air conditioning system creating a banging or thumping sound. As it’s moving around, it can knock into another part and create more serious damage.


An odd gurgling sound is often caused by a partially-clogged drain line. Any time the drain line can’t fully do its job, leaks can happen and you can be stuck with some costly water damage. You’ll want to have the drain line flushed (or thawed, if it’s frozen) to remedy this problem.


This noise is often caused by a malfunctioning fan belt. If the belt is worn down or out of place, the squealing noise will happen whenever your unit runs. In order to avoid a complete breakdown, you’ll want to have it replaced or repaired.

If your air conditioning is making any of those noises or you think something may be off, give the experts at Rocky Top HVAC a call. We’re proud to be the #1 Heating and Air Conditioning Company, according to Best of Knoxville 2017, and we are the only contractor in the area to offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.